Managed Security Services


Whether you're from an end user organisation, a services provider or a commercial SOC operator, you'll be aware of the rapid growth in demand for Managed Security Services (MSS).

With cyber attacks more and more targetted on mid-sized organisations and members of Global Enterprise supply chains, a whole new cyber security dilemma has presented itself; i.e. the shortage of skilled cyber security practitioners.

It's hard enough for global companies to attract and retain these specialist and highly skilled people, and almost impossible for companies below those global players. For this sector of the market, by far the best and often the only practical option is to engage with Managed Security Services vendors to take on the role provided by internal security teams at global companies. Even more so for those companies using hosted data centres or public cloud services.

In this sector, Pingwizard is both a provider of solutions to MSS providers and a provider of managed security services direct to key customers.

If you're an established service provider whose customers are asking you to deliver managed security services for them, Pingwizard can provide you with the tools to launch your own services, using exactly the same technologies used by multinational corporations.

Cyber Security Services


At Pingwizard we're obsessed with making sure that our customers are able to fully utilise our solutions, thereby gaining value for money, a greatly enhanced information security posture, better operational efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

We work closely with our customers and partners to design and implement leading edge security services to fully meet customer and project requirements, whether for specific projects or on-going operations. Our services portfolio includes these services:-

General Cyber Security Consulting (including compliance assessment/management, Cyber Defence design, Network Monitoring services etc.);

Strategy and Planning (e.g. setting appropriate security audit settings and log management strategies);

Vulnrability Assesment (planning, scanning and remediation).

Training (offsite or onsite training in deployment and operation of security solutions)


Vulnerability Assessment


Pingwizard is a well established provider of Vulnerability Assessment and Configuration Assurance solutions to major companies and government agencies worldwide.


Enterprise Policy Auditor

Our Enterprise Policy Auditor (EPA) software for infrastructure configuration assurance, compliance assessment and change monitoring services is run by all our major customers.

Plain English descriptions of detected vulnerabilities and recommended fixes allow system administrators to quickly remediate systems to reduce threats and to meet compliance reporting requirements. Powerful change monitoring allows rapid assessment of changes to key system, application and data files.

Comprehensive patch checks for MS Windows, Unix and Linux systems allow key systems to be kept right up to date and to reduce known vulnerabilities. Hundreds of servers and endpoints can be automatically and regularly scanned and assessed, with little manual effort.

Regular content and check updates are provided as part of the annual maintenance service and Policy Auditor even allows suitably trained and privileged users to manipulate policies, to modify checks and even to write unique checks to meet individual requirements of companies.


Enterprise Vulnerability Scanner

Our Enterprise Vulnerability Scanner (EVS) is Pingwizard's next generation, browser based Vulnerability Assessment software solution. EVS uses the same comprehensive security and compliance check content as EPA, but with blended agent and agentless credentialed scanning features and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) features built-in. EVS is easy to deploy and even easier to use.



Verifiable compliance with International Standards, internal policies and accepted best practice. Increasing regulatory enforcement by Central Goverment and Industry Regulators is a fact of business life, but achieving compliance within the IT infrastructure can be massively complex.


Pingwizard's automated compliance assessment solutions allow easy assessment and remediation to rapidly bring systems to a compliant state, and to maintain that compliance on an ongoing basis.


Pingwizard helps enforce the  IT Security Compliance standards below:


  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • ISO27001

  • Public Services Network Code of Connection (PSN CoCo)

  • UK Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx) Code of Connection (CoCo)

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)

  • The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) 

  • Japanese Sarbanes Oxley or J-SOX